www.Mysubwaycard.com – Giving the Gift of Subs through Subway Gift Cards

Why Give Cash When You Can Give Sandwiches?

Everyone likes to eat, and most people who like to eat like eating sandwiches. Furthermore, most people who like sandwiches like Subway. Following this train of thought, Subway is the perfect gift for just about anybody. If that person is far away, or has a busy schedule, you can’t send a sandwich and finding time to sit down with them can be difficult, but there have to be other options. Those options are Subway gift cards and eCards.

Subway Gift Cards

Subway gift cards can be purchased at many brick-and-mortar Subway locations, but can also be ordered online at www.mysubwaycard.com, where you can also sign up for the Subway Rewards program, find Subway restaurants near you, and more.

Ordering gift cards online allow you to choose a card design from pre-loaded backgrounds, but also gives you the option of making the gift even more personal by decorating the card with images uploaded from your computer. Up to nine cards can be ordered at a time in amounts between five and 500 USD.

If you order a gift card, Subway will even send the gift card through the mail for you, which should take around two days. There are a number of different shipping options available, but the website will help you calculate the price of each option, which is likely to be the best for your order. The cards even come with a personalized message that you can type while ordering so that you don’t need to worry about sending a separate card.

Subway gift cards look like credit or debit cards and work about the same way at the checkout.

Subway eCards

Subway eCards are like digital versions of Subway gift cards that are sent to the recipient’s phone or email address, instead of to their physical address. They can also be personalized with stock images and personal images that can be uploaded online.

The recipient can receive the eCard almost instantly, but you can also choose to delay the sending up to a year in the future, which is great for those moments when you remember that an event is coming up and are worried about forgetting it again. Just order the eCard now, and set the send date ahead of time!

Recipients of Subway eCards can use them at participating restaurants by ordering online at order.subway.com, or by using them through the Subway App.

Is There a Participating Subway Near You? There could be!

Subway gift cards and eCards are only redeemable at participating Subways, so they might not work everywhere. It might be good to check with your local Subway before trying to use a gift card or eCard that you have received. If you are worried about buying a gift card or eCard for someone else, you can check if a Subway near them accepts gift cards and eCards by visiting www.mysubwaycard.com and clicking the “Find A Store” link.

If the Subway near you doesn’t accept gift cards or eCards, consider asking them to consider joining the program. If the manager knows that there is community interest, they are likely to join the program.